This will Happen to You

by Linda E. Clarke

With her new book, Linda E. Clarke—artist, health educator, and “a teller of tales for a good long time”—opens a personal window for us to the profound sensory experience of recovering from major brain surgery. Her narrative offers us an intimate portrait of a woman of resilience and sensitivity, of valour and spirit. The chapter titles alone—The Sea at Night, Deep Waters, Calm Water, Harbour—create a compelling odyssey of a child’s drowning in deep ocean to a hero’s surviving to safe haven.

Award-winning author Anne Simpson calls This will Happen to You “a poignant glimpse into what it means to be fully human.”

Linda’s partner James Sullivan complements the narrative with a poignant sequence of black-and-white photographs. As editor Susan Scott affirms, “James Sullivan’s work creates the space we need to enter the story and imagine our own. “

Linda E. Clark

Linda E. Clarke

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