The Curious Cat Tea and Books and HARP the People’s Press: A pARTnership

The Curious Cat Tea and Books will open this summer on Main Street, Antigonish in partnership with HARP Publishing The People’s Press.  We know it is real when there is a feature story in The Casket (May 26, 2021).

HARP will have a dedicated display unit for the 13 titles released since December 2018. Here is a sneak preview of the cabinet created by Peter MacLean of MacLean Bros Woodworking of Antigonish

An example of artists’ collaboration, Dorothy Lander and John Graham-Pole worked closely with Peter to decide on the wood, the bird’s eye maple trim, and accessibility considerations for readers, including children and persons living with mobility/disability challenges. Note the adjustable shelving, which will allow for size variation of HARP books and display of the original cover art and illustrations of Nova Scotia artists.

The healing arts and arts for health equity are the uniting thread for HARP titles, which feature Canadian authors from coast to coast, Haida Gwaii and Vancouver, Saskatoon, Sudbury, Moncton, New Glasgow, Antigonish and Sydney, and American author-artists from Gainesville, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Health and healing themes cover the landscape of cancer, loss and bereavement, caregiver-cared for relationships, caring for the caregiver, social inclusion/exclusion, anti-Indigenous racism, genocide, intergenerational trauma and resilience. The HARP titles span such genres as novels (YAF) by John Graham-Pole, memoir by Erin Richards, poetry collections by Cathy Napier, KPH (Kyla Heyming), Francis Christian, and Celeste Snowber, documentary photo history by Dorothy Lander, biography by Eve Mills Allen, illustrated memoir by Stuart Pimsler, intergenerational storybook with botanical illustrations by Dorothy Lander, poetry and piano CD with John Graham-Pole and Cathy DeWitt, documentary film by Denise Davies. The format for these titles spans hardcover and paperback, e-books, Flipbook, CD and DVD. HARP takes pride in the international endorsements for these titles. For more details:

A small sampling of the cover art of Nova Scotia artists, including Eva Bertrand-Brunelle, Cecily Napier, Susan Napier, and Dorothy Lander

Use the arrows to scroll through the slide show of cover art.

  • Blood Work

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