Sneak Preview # 5 The People’s Photo Album

Hubert (L) with brother William (R) in Holland in 1942.  His family immigrated to Canada in 1951 and took up residence in Ottawa. Hubert grew up to become a beloved professor of Medieval English literature at StFX.   His combined office-storeroom-museum in Nicholson Hall is now part of StFX lore. He would miraculously emerge from his all surround of papers, books, and artifacts, having excavated the sought-after item.  His colleague Dr. Jim Taylor of the Golden Age English Department eulogized him when he died in 2005 as “a scholar, a patron of the arts, a lightman, a soundman, a recorder of musical performances and dramatic productions, a lover of music, an inventor of practical tools from waste materials, an environmentalist far ahead of his time.”   He was the go-to person for Theatre Antigonish, Antigonish Creative Dance Association, the Performing Arts Series and most any performances at the University Auditorium and Immaculata. He was on the roster of part-time instructors for the Coady International Institute, where he taught Audio-Visual methods.  He produced materials for shows for the People’s School using community TV channels.  He taught swimming to L’Arche residents.  His acts of service to the community were as far-reaching as his interests. He received the Outreach Award at Fall Convocation 1998.

His photo history of social justice is on p. 169 of The People’s Photo Album.  He also appears on the Theatre Antigonish page (p. 152).

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