Sneak Preview # 3 of The People’s Photo Album

Seen here with her grandmother (Agnes Murphy O’Hearn) on the steps of 61 Brookland Street, Antigonish, this laughing child grew up to become a cross-appointed faculty member between StFX School of Nursing and the Coady International Institute.  Doubly a StFX alumna, she combines a BSc in Nursing and an MAdEd.  Her mother Zita was the editor and co-writer of Dr. Moses Coady’s (1939) autobiography, Masters of Their Own Destiny.  Dr. Coady officiated at the wedding of her parents Zita O’Hearn and Ray Cameron at St. Ninian’s Cathedral in 1942;  they met as co-workers in StFX Extension.  In 2018,  these same steps are the entry to Action Central of Antigonish Affordable Housing Society.   For more photos of this family dynasty of social justice, turn to pages 94-95 of The People’s Photo Album.

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