Review of Celeste Snowber’s The Marrow of Longing by Kathy Mantas

Posted by Dorothy Lander

Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary JournalVolume 7 Issue 2, 2022


Kathy Mantas Nipissing University

Kathy Mantas’ review of Celeste Snowber’s The Marrow of Longing is like no review that I have ever experienced – and it truly is an experience.  Kathy approaches her review of the “multi-layered text, in stages/phases, like peeling the layers off an onion—first the paintings only, afterwards the poetry, and lastly, the entire collection with images and text together.”  I felt as if I too were peeling the layers off an onion alongside Kathy.  As an art’s based researcher, I too have called upon Audre Lorde, Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Bill Randall, and Cathy Malchiodi to illuminate my responses to an artful experience.  Kathy’s response to text and images in The Marrow of Longing with her own rooted and rhizomatic photographs created yet another layer of meaning, another peeling the layers off an onion.  I was captivated.

Kathy’s review closes with a Re-Opening invitation to readers to receive Celeste’s offering.   I have read Celeste’s book several times and know that I will now reread it differently, quite possibly conjuring up my own responsive images.


Since “a fragment can hold a world” (p. 14), I leave you with one final question to ponder: Are you open to receiving Celeste’s offering—an invitation and “a space for you to honour and discover what has shaped your own life” (p. 14).

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