Marharyta Zhurunova – Dorothy’s Ukrainian Companion Botanical Artist

Marharyta ZhurunovaМаргарита Журунова 

is Dorothy’s newfound companion botanical artist, who lives in Vinnytsya, Ukraine.
Monotype by Marharyta Zhurunova 2020

Here is an image entitled “The one sitting in the Rock” from Marharyta’s Land Art “Land of Power” Symposium of 2017.

Marharyta is offering her botanical prints for $40 US as donations to the Come Back Alive fund:   In turn, I sent Marharyta the link to my online Flipbook Hmmm – M the Humdinger to share with anyone in the Ukraine who has internet access.

HARP is  offering all sales of the online version of Hmmm M the Humdinger to go to the Come Back Alive fund.  Click here for details on purchasing the Flipbook of Hmmm.

Marharyta is also a kindred artist in HARP’s commitment to addressing the global climate emergency. Heritage is an example of a participatory art installation, which highlights human responsibility for the crisis.

Heritage: ex.Pleinair  PLAST-ART (Museum of Contemporary Art) Chernihiv, Ukraine, 2017 and Yermilov Center, Kharkiv, 2018.

These are fragments of old tiles found in excavation piles at a local quarry, where apparently the land is being taken away from construction.

We decided to illustrate the fate of this tile. Having reproduced its original appearance in a visual editor and printed it on thin paper, we have lined it with half a flight of stairs (half on contrast leaving the modern tile).

Thus, the visitors of the Museum of Contemporary Art, coming to look at the exhibition, destroy their installation with their feet. At first flat and clean – it will burst and become dirty, and eventually – it will go to a landfill.

Like most imperceptible urban cultural values, they are destroyed in a bold, easy and irreversible way.

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