Karen Smith on The Stigma and Social Consequences of Chronic Pain

Karen Smith’s YouTube on The Stigma and Social Consequences of Chronic Pain has just topped 10,000 views.  For the past 35 years, Karen has been an eloquent and unstoppable advocate and spokesperson for people living with chronic pain, ever since this invisible disability required her to step down from the work she loved as the Director of Public Relations at St. Francis Xavier University in the 1980s.  She is the only patient representative on a CIHR summit on The Ethics of Chronic Pain Research to be held in Toronto in May 2019.

Karen practices self-care for chronic pain through the arts, especially listening to music.  Barbra Streisand has been her steady companion on her journey.

3 Replies to “Karen Smith on The Stigma and Social Consequences of Chronic Pain”

  1. Marinela Stef

    Amazing job Karen ! I’ve been in pain for a long time , pain that it’s impossible to bear, I would like to follow your work and be part of your advocacy ! Thank you for speaking up on behalf of all of us in pain !!

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