Go Lightly on Our Earth

Go Lightly on our Earth

A Beginner’s How-To List

Reduce, reuse, recycle—and get to minimize waste and feel goooood

Eat less, drive less, buy less

Walk more, bus and train more, cycle more, hug more, cuddle more, sleep more

Multitask on your (hopefully rare) trips to town

Eat local, buy local—especially at your nearest Famer’s Market

Farm wherever you walk—scatter a forest of wildflower seeds for our summer bees

Turn off and unplug your taps, lights, computers, TVs, phones, whatever

Talk less, listen more—especially to lonely people (WAIT stands for Why Am I Talking?)

Only heat the rooms in your home you spend time in

Wash, shower, bathe, blanket bath yourself only when you must

Go digital—cut down on paper

Cut down on plastic—e.g., produce wrapping and Styrofoam packing

Reuse your own water bottle, tea and coffee mug

Recycle the clothes you never wear (except your underwear…)

Buy recycled clothes at Thrift and Consignment shops


Don’t cut your grass—leave it to the bees, butterflies, worms, and all other creatures

Plant native wildflowers to seduce those lovely pollinators

Feed the birds—and all unseen animals

Plant a tree or a bulb or a flower whenever you hear a newborn baby cry

Go herbivore—tune into our food revolution activists about how delish it is

Start your veggie garden indoors in February

Start a roof garden—actually, any other flat outdoor surface will do

Go solar


Breastfeed for at least 6 months, and you’ll lighten your atmospheric CO2  

Check out 1977—Buffy Sainte-Marie breastfeeding son Dakota on Sesame Street

Be a sustainable energy producer—Make art—sing, dance, cook, journal, digital art, play…

And do it publicly with others—Isn’t it time you had a happy childhood?

Share your climate action artwork on social media—both yours and others

Simplify—clean out your storage spaces and give away useful stuff you don’t use

Donate as much as you can to Climate Action Indigenous leaders—Mother Earth’s stewards

Donate stuff for auction to local Climate Action organizations

Boycott big box corporations (Amazon’s plastic use is off the charts since the pandemic)

Swap your fossil-fuel-burning equipment (car, generator, snow blower) for electric

Build intergenerational allies—elder experience/wealth with younger energy/commitment

Document & share hope-filled successes in reversing climate devastation

Flood social media with Nature/Human climate-saving actions

Support our logging activists who are out there blocking clear-cutting

Add to our list and pass on…

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