Dedication to Lionel (Buddy) Doucette on Theatre Antigonish page of The People’s Photo Album

The People’s Photo Album: A Pictorial Genealogy of the Antigonish Movement, the inaugural publication of HARP, The People’s Press, includes a dedication to Lionel (Buddy) Doucette (Theatre Antigonish, p. 151), who died Feb. 1, 2018.  Lionel Doucette played Tevye in the 1979 TA production of Fiddler on the Roof directed by Jeannie MacKay (then Smith).  As hoped, the Album is generating many more “small stories.”  When Addy Doucette looked at the Album at her Christmas Open House, she recalled how Buddy took on the role of Tevye. She and Buddy had recently moved back to Antigonish and were looking for teaching jobs, not theatre jobs. When James (Jimmy) MacPherson, longtime organist and choir director at St. Ninian’s withdrew from the role of Tevye, Jeannie recruited Buddy.  An unforgettable performance!  Jeannie was the Director of Theatre Antigonish before Addy Doucette.

L to R: Lionel (Buddy) Doucette as Tevye and Connie Wrigley as Hodel, 1979 Theatre Antigonish

Jeannie and Buddy take a curtain call

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  1. Dorothy Lander

    Connie Wrigley recalled Michael Steinitz’s contributions to the costumes and props, saying she learned so much about “Tradition.”

    “I helped to make some of the caps worn by the boys/men. I remember the fabric when it was still on bolts. Jeannie was my ride to and fro New Glasgow so I was a little more immersed than the rest of the cast. It was my “gap year” after theatre studies at Dal and I was not yet a student at “X.” Twas an amazing experience.”

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