Happy Birthday David Suzuki from Estuary & Piping Plover

HARP The People’s Press released the podcast series Estuary and Piping Plover Find Their Voice to mark two momentous occasions: the inaugural Sustainable Blue Economy Summit hosted by Eco Canada in Halifax on March 19, 2024; and the 88th birthday of David Suzuki on March 24, 2024. Estuary and Piping Plover on the east coast […]

CELEBRATE 5-Year Anniversary of HARP The People’s Press

On November 28, 2023, HARP The People’s Press (HEALING ARTS RECONCILING PEOPLE) celebrated its 5th anniversary at The Peoples’ Place Library in Antigonish, with the launch of its 25th publication—Grace Notes on Nursing by John Graham-Pole—and the unveiling of its new website, customized by This is Marketing:  www.tryhealingarts.ca   An exemplary healing arts cooperative birthed in the heartland of the Antigonish […]

“Honourable Harvest” in Antigonish Harbour? Does it matter?

This blog takes up Robin Wall Kimmerer’s challenge in her “Honorable Harvest” chapter in Braiding Sweetgrass—to honour the ethic of reciprocity, investing in abundance for both eater and eaten.   On Jan. 6, 2024, the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board (ARB) released its ruling in favour of the application from Town Point Consulting Inc. (TPCI), awarding […]

Our Reverse Resolutions for 2024

Dorothy and I woke up with this idea on New Year’s Eve morning, which we’re calling our Reverse Bucket List. We’re talking about things that we WON’T be doing in 2024, and in most cases NEVER again. Here’s my list to date. I resolve: NOT to cut the grass NOT to turn on our oil […]

Home as a Place of Healing

The festive season has John and me remembering the homes that we knew intimately as children. We no longer travel from our home in Nova Scotia to gatherings in family homes – not John’s family in England nor Dorothy’s family in Ontario. We posed the question to each other: can you call up in memory homes that were […]

St. Anne’s Church Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation: Restoration and Reconcili-Action

In 2022 Elder John R. Prosper and Settler Dorothy A. Lander wrote their joint memoir, Mi’kmaw Fiddler Joe Marble Plays to St. Anne: A Etuaptmumk-Two-Eyed-Seeing Pilgrimage for HARP The People’s Press, the healing arts social enterprise based in Mi’kmaki, Antigonish County. HARP allocates the proceeds of this decolonizing memoir to the Restoration of St. Anne’s […]

Remembering J. E. (Teddy) Thomas (1933-2023)

In Loving MemoryJ. E. (Teddy) Thomas (Dec. 20, 1933 – July 11, 2023)Writer, Historian, Adult Educator, Friend It is fitting that I should first learn of the death of Teddy Thomas (Dr. J. E. Thomas) in Truth and Reconciliation Week in Canada (Sept. 25 -30). Teddy was so much more than my advisor for my […]

Soar: A Soul’s Quest

SOAR: A Soul’s Quest, is the stirring story of a young eagle who sets out in quest of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. So come and sail on Soar’s wings! Like most fables, the narrative unfolds as a series of encounters with inspirational creatures who teach Soar critical life lessons. Ultimately Soar learns, as psychologist Dr. […]

My Complicated Relationship with the Burdock

Dorothy’s relationship with the burdock when she was growing up on the family farm in the 1950s and 1960s changed in the 21st century as she came to understand the covenant of reciprocity between plants and humans.

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