The Choreography of Care

Can ART heal the CAREGIVER?
The answer is a resounding yes –
And Stuart Pimsler’s new book tells us how

The Choreography of CARE

Engaging caregivers in creative expression

The Choreography of Care chronicles the work of healing artists Stuart Pimsler and Suzanne Costello with thousands of professional caregivers over the past three decades.

*These pages offer countless strategies for bringing creative expression to professional caregivers in their workplaces

*Stuart opens wide his toolchest of movement, theatre, writing, visual, vocal, and improvisational exercises to invigorate healing practices

*At the heart of this book is Stuart’s unwavering belief that art offers healing to the very community that is entrusted with our health

Some words from Stuart

Every day, my creative practice affords me the luxury and privilege of learning. In pursuing new ideas, my job asks me to blend sensory awareness and intellectual curiosity. As an artist and problem solver, I embrace paradox. I cherish how art can enhance clarity, vision and understanding of our subjectivity….can uncover how love and loss infiltrate our bodies…can take us deep within to personal healing and daily health. 

Praise for The Choreography of Care

Stuart Pimsler’s touching book illuminates the transformative, healing power of art. The Choreography of Care offers poignant revelations about the theater of healthcare…fresh approaches for artists as they engage with their communities. The work of Stuart Pimsler and Suzanne Costello asks all of us…how do we consider the role of art in our daily lives?

James Lapine, playwright and director, has won the Tony Award three times for Best Book of a Musicalfor Into the Woods, Falsettos, and Passion. In 1985, Mr. Lapine received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama

With writing as fluid and lyrical as dance, The Choreography of Care glides the reader through the personal journey of an artist whose work found unexpected purpose in caring for caregivers. In this captivating and poignant memoir, Stuart Pimsler demonstrates his prowess as a compelling interdisciplinary maker—weaving autobiography, insight and meaning on the page as he has on the stage for four decades.

Jill Sonke is director of Center for Arts in Medicine, University of Florida College of the Arts, and assistant director of Shands Arts in Medicine

Drawing on his life as a dancer and choreographer…Pimsler guides his reader through the revelatory and healing powers the arts bring to medicine

Siri Hustvedt, PhD. Lecturer in psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College. Author of The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves.

Reading The Choreography of Care is like sitting in SPDT’s own magic circle…Stuart leads us through decades of partnering with caregivers to reveal the connection between creative expression and healing…an visceral look at how we might access our full potential through creative expression.  The future of healthcare and healing lies within these pages.

Liz Engelman is the director of Tofte Lake Center and works nationally as a dramaturg on the development of new work.

Stuart Pimsler…readers insight into how movement, storytelling, visual art, and writing can charge the space between healer and patient…Philosophers have interrogated the mind-body problem for centuries. Pimsler takes it into the realm of a fluid interplay between the two, and how that dynamism translates to healing.

 Linda Shapiro is a choreographer, dance critic and fiction writer.

The Choreography of Care is available in hard cover from HARP Publishing: The People’s Press of Nova Scotia ( Thirty-nine colour and b/w images highlight the depth and breadth of the healing art forms of Stuart Pimsler’s work.

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Hardback $39.50 Paperback $24.95

Stuart Pimsler is a writer, director, choreographer, performer and founder of Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater (SPDT). He and SPDT artistic co-director Suzanne Costello are internationally recognized for their leadership in the field of arts and health for over three decades.

Stuart has created more than fifty performance works for SPDT, including Moving Inquiries, Still Life with Rose, and Out of This World/The Life After Life Project. He has written a play for children, My Grandmother’s Tscotchkes, and has recently adopted the short story, MATINEE, into an interdisciplinary stagework.

He has been honored with fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, McKnight Foundation, Ohio Arts Council and commissions worldwide.