Songlines: A Novel

by John Graham-Pole

Songlines: A Novel

Final-year university students Jonah and Ellen face life-threatening illness together—and discover love. As their love deepens, they embrace intimacy and creativity, courage and honesty, joy and pride.

A compelling reminder that—along the songlines of the cancer journey—when the patient is held at the centrepoint of care, and when professional and personal caregivers work as partners with profound skill and compassion, a beautiful story unfolds. Songlines is that story.

This is emeritus professor of pediatric oncology and palliative care John Graham-Pole’s third novel in his trilogy inspired by young people with cancer. It evokes an abundance of compassion, know-how, humour, and hope.

A poignant tough-love story of courage and nobility – Sheldon Currie, PhD

Meaning making inspires Ellen: ‘Every act of loving care to another would be an act of healing for herself.’Barbara Heatley-O’Neil, RN, MAdEd

 A lovely tale about love and care for one in greatest need – William Slayton, MD

The Circle of Abundance Indigenous Program, Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University:; and David Suzuki Foundation (one nature): receive 20% of all sales, distributed equally.