Grace Notes on Nursing by Dr. John Graham-Pole

John Graham-Pole

A physician celebrates the nursing profession, offering a paean of praise to his countless nurse colleagues, friends, and mentors over almost fifty years of learning, teaching, and practicing at four universities. John’s opening words recall his earliest learning: “Two nurses—one very senior and one very junior—became my first teachers during my apprenticeship in the art and science of caring for those in need.”

From his compelling stories of encounters between patients, nurses, and himself, he draws these vital conclusions:

* Nurses are an essential resource for every doctor to learn the art and science of healthcare

* Through their every act of kindness, nurses make infinite contributions to our gift economy

* Everyone should pray there’ll be such nurses by our bedsides when our time of need comes

Dr. Laurie Gottlieb, Professor of Nursing at McGill University and author of Strengths-Based Nursing, says in her Foreword: “Dr. Graham-Pole is a gifted storyteller. Each story is vivid and specific in detail, evoking a reaction both visceral and cognitive. This book brims with wisdom and insights that guide, teach, inspire, and point the way to becoming the best one aspires to be. Dr. Graham-Pole has brought out of hiding this aspect of medicine’s hidden curriculum by acknowledging the impact of nurses in shaping a doctor’s identity and how they choose to practice their profession.

Tilda Shaloff, author of A Nurse’s Story—Life, Death, and In-Between in an Intensive Care Unit  speaks of John’s memoir as “a homage to the profession of nursing.  These laudatory portraits include touching moments and tense encounters with nurses unafraid to speak up and question a doctor’s judgment. John offers this prayer: “We can only hope there will be nurses like the ones portrayed in Grace Notes for us and our loved ones when our time of need comes.” 

Grace Notes on Nursing will be published in October, 2023 by HARP The People’s Press (, and will be available directly from HARP  ( and from local bookstores.

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