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Posted by Dorothy Lander

M’s Humble Bumble bee companion in Hmmm – M the Humdinger  (

When I was crafting M’s humming companions for the intergenerational storybook entitled Hmmm – M the Humdinger, I was keen to use goldenrod blossoms (solidago) to represent the pollen on bees’ legs.  For my next botanical bee, I will be sure to feature the pollen press on the back legs, used to create pollen balls. I learned about this recently from Cath Hodsman’s images (below) on Twitter.


Front and Back Legs of Bees

Photo Credit: Cath Hodsman, Insect Art Studio

Each set of legs on a bee are different.The front legs have a notch for cleaning pollen off their antennae & the hind legs have a “pollen press”, designed to squeeze pollen, nectar & wax from their abdomen into pollen balls.

Hmmm – M the Humdinger  is available in hardcover and audio online Flipbook through the HARP website ( and will be available in hardcover in the soon-to-open bookstore on Main Street, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

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