Anne Camozzi Live on Facebook Feb. 19 2019: Channelling Maud Lewis

It is also available on Anne Camozzi’s YouTube channel.

A new art and communications genre for Anne Camozzi, her Facebook Live presentation on Feb. 19, 2019, hosted by the People’s Place Library Antigonish, was a gift to the world and especially to those living with disabilities and chronic pain and social isolation.  Anne invited us into her home and with her wheelchair, stylus and iPad as her props, she began to channel Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis, She began by introducing us to Maud through her paintings and then colouring Maud and Maud’s favourite subjects into her own paintings.  Maud Lewis was this year’s Heritage Day (Feb. 18) honouree by the Government of Nova Scotia.

“Maud’s special gift was that, despite lifelong struggles with poverty and rheumatoid arthritis, she saw the world through eyes of innocence, hope and wonder, and she was able to share that vision with others through her art,” said Susan Tilley-Russell, executive director for the Arthritis Society, Atlantic Region. “She showed us that there are few things more powerful than the human spirit.”

We will now see Maud’s paintings — and Anne’s too–as testimony to the power of the human spirit.

Anne’s presentation was her personal testimony to the healing power of art.  She also shared with her viewers her deep knowledge of art theory and colour theory and the application of lines and colours that she uses in her own art for self-care and the care of others who are suffering – in pain or at the end of their life or bereaved.  It was fascinating to observe Maud’s joyful colours crossing seasons as flowers bloomed in snowy landscapes.  Anne’s continuous line drawing also takes us across traditional borders as the human beings in her Nature paintings are often hidden away and always smaller than the sunflowers and irises, the crows and the ravens, the hummingbirds and the dragonflies.

Anne occupies a special place on this site as she designed the Harp logo for HARP Publishing, the People’s Press.

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