Adding Photos of Extension People to The People’s Photo Album

Feb. 25, 1966. Cutline: That is the question. Setting up a display for an anti-smoking campaign at St. Patrick`s High School are, left to right: Wayne L. Edgar, campaign chairman, Sharon Sinfield and Gus Henderson. Ferris/Herald Photo.

This 1966 photo and caption appeared today on the Chronicle Herald Facebook page featuring photos from their archives.

The People’s Photo Album published by HARP as a Tribute for the 90th anniversary of the Extension Department, sought out photos of the people associated with Extension and Coady from their early years to illustrate that leadership in social movements begins in those formative years.  Stay tuned to this site for photo updates like these.

Of course, I am not sure this is the same Wayne Edgar, who was a Fieldworker for the Extension Dept in the 1990s. But as is the way with genealogical method, we count on you the readers to confirm or refute.

This photo of Wayne Edgar appears on page 5 of the 1995 Annual Report of the Extension Department, captioned as Fieldworker, Antigonish.  Tom Webb was the Director of Extension.

In 1995 in his Director’s message, Tom Webb called on the creativity of students, faculty and staff to renew the Antigonish Movement.  He also called for a strengthening of the Offices in Sydney and New Glasgow in order to meet the challenge of bringing adult education, continuing education to our primary service ares stretching from the tip of Cape Breton through northern and eastern Nova Scotia to the New Brunswick border.  In 2019, the Extension department no longer as Offices in New Glasgow and Sydney.


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