Dorothy Lander and John Graham-Pole live in Antigonish, NS, and are owners and publishers of HARP: The People’s Press.  Dorothy is a retired professor of adult education from StFX University and John is an emeritus professor of pediatrics and palliative care from the University of Florida. Both have been teachers, researchers, and writers for many years, with a special interest in health and healthcare the arts, and health equity. Their retirement from academic appointments in 2007 has led them to write and publish mostly non-scholarly work for the popular press.

HARP’s first book is “The People’s Photo Album: A Pictorial Genealogy of the Antigonish Movement”, which will be released in November, 2018. Titles to follow include “Imagine Antigonish”, “Blood Work”, “Beauty Will Save the World”, and “Women Artists, Teachers, Caregivers: A Trans-Canada Whistlestop”. HARP will also publish works from other invited authors, as well as zines, CDs and DVDs.

Dorothy Lander, PhD, and John Graham-Pole, MD, MRCP-UK