Portraits by Gillian McCullough

Dorothy Lander and John Graham-Pole live in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and are owners and publishers of HARP: The People’s Press.  H-A-R-P stands for Healing Arts, Reconciling People  Dorothy is a retired professor of adult education from St. Francis Xavier University and John is an emeritus professor of pediatrics, oncology, and palliative care from the University of Florida. Both have been teachers, researchers, and writers for many years, with a special interest in the arts in health and health equity. Their retirement from academic appointments in 2007 has led them to write and publish mostly non-scholarly work for the popular press.

HARP’s first book — The People’s Photo Album: A Pictorial Genealogy of the Antigonish Movement  — features more than 800 photos drawn from family albums, community and national archives, representing the local and worldwide community of this social justice movement.  In accord with the HARP catchphrase — A healthy community knows its history — John and Dorothy conducted the research, wrote the narrative, and organized the photos to support this claim in this 11′ x 17”, one-of-a-kind photography book and historical document.  The People’s Photo Album was released in November, 2018.

Since then, HARP has published five more books: I‘ve Been There: Poems of a Breast Cancer Survivor by Cathy Napier.  Turning a Big Negative into a Bigger Positive: Erin Richard’s Story; two books in John Graham-Pole’s trilogy of Young Adult Fiction (YAF) – Blood Work and A Boy and His SoulHmmm – M the Humdinger by Dorothy Lander, a musical/botanical intergenerational story in print and online audio Flipbook. The DVD  1784: (Un)Settling Antigonish by filmmaker Denise Davies, documents the community-building process of the intercultural and intergenerational popular theatre piece performed at the landing site of Antigonish’s first Celtic-Anglo settlers.  HARP will continue to publish works from invited authors, including books, zines, CDs and DVDs.  Stay tuned for poet Kyla Hemling and her poetic tribute to her deceased grandfather — For Those I Have Loved. Where Have the Young Ones Gone To, a CD of poetry and music with John Graham-Pole and Cathy DeWitt, first produced in 1999, has been remastered and updated for the HARP label.

Dorothy Lander, PhD, and John Graham-Pole, MD, MRCP-UK