A Two-Eyed Seeing Pilgrimage with John R. Prosper & Dorothy A. Lander

Ken Kingston 89.7 FM Antigonish in conversation with Elder John R. Prosper and Settler Dorothy A. Lander about their recently released joint memoir, Mi’kmaw Fiddler Joe Marble Plays to St. Anne: A Etuaptmumk/Two-Eyed Seeing Pilgrimage.  https://www.harppublishing.ca/books/mikmaw-fiddler-joe-marble-plays-to-st-anne/  

Mi’kmaw Fiddler sells for $25 of which $20 goes toward the St. Anne’s Church Restoration Fund.  The book is available online (see link above) and in Antigonish at The Curious Cat Tea and Books and the 5c to $1 Store, both on Main Street.

2 Replies to “A Two-Eyed Seeing Pilgrimage with John R. Prosper & Dorothy A. Lander”

    • Dorothy Lander

      Lots of memoirs by Indigenous writers and Settler Allies but we don’t know of another such memoir that is co-written, so yes, it is an unusual collaboration. And it has been so meaningful with new learnings at every turn.

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