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  • A Boy and His Soul

    A Boy and His Soul by John Graham-Pole

    A Boy and his Soul is the second in the trilogy by John Graham-Pole of novels for and about children, teens, and their families, inspired by 40 years of caring for children with cancer. The story is a fantasy—but born of the real-life experiences of very ill and dying children.

  • Blood Work: A Novel

    Written by a renowned children’s cancer specialist, John Graham-Pole, Blood Work is a fictional but true-to-life-account of just such a near-fatal illness. It is also a life-and-death adventure and a coming-of-age romance.

  • Kyla Heyming (KPH)

    For Those I Have Loved

    For Those I Have Loved is a collection of poems by Ontario-based bilingual poet Kyla Heyming (KPH). She dedicates this volume to her recently deceased “Opa”, saying of him that he was “a great man who made me fall in love with stories.”

  • Healing by Intent

    What is art in medicine? What is healing? John Graham-Pole’s second memoir asks: What is the true nature of healing? Healing by Intent explores clinical, ethical, philosophical and spiritual issues through stories of young people who survived illnesses that threatened their lives—and those who tragically did not survive.

  • Hope Unleashed cover

    Hope Unleashed: A Climate Action Comic

    Hope Unleashed by Sara Avmaat Hope Unleashed is a comic book about moving from climate anxiety to climate action, and about people in Nova Scotia working to make a difference. Maude (the dog) and Feebee (the cat) come to the rescue of Patrick (the person), who is in a funk about the rapid warming of the earth, the death of so many species, and the worsening pollution of the environment. So Maude and Feebee decide to go exploring to see how they can help…

  • Journeys wih a thousand heroes

    Journeys with a Thousand Heroes A Child Oncologist’s Story

    The title of the medical memoir by John Graham-Pole “Journeys with a Thousand Heroes: A Child Oncologist’s Story” borrows from Joseph Campbell’s concept of the hero’s journey—one that we must all undertake in our lives. "But my writing doesn’t highlight any heroic journey of my own, but rather that the countless children I served over my forty-year career as a children’s cancer specialist—the heroism, resilience, and joyfulness of those “thousand heroes”, who were my teachers and my friends."

  • Mi’kmaw Fiddler Joe Marble Plays to St. Anne

    Mi’kmaw Fiddler Joe Marble Plays to St. Anne

    A Etuaptmumk Two-Eyed Seeing Pilgrimage Elder John R. Prosper and settler Dorothy A. Lander embark on a co-learning journey of truth and reconciliation, with all paths leading to St. Anne's Church, Paqtnkek Mi'kmaw Nation, Mi'kmaki. Then, vintage photos appear on social media of Mi'kmaw Fiddler Joe Marble, together with a 1939 article of his career as a virtuoso musician and devotee of St. Anne.

  • Re-Reading CPR book cover

    ReReading Catharine Parr Traill: Stranging the Familiar

    ReReading Catharine Parr Traill: Stranging the Familiar is a decolonizing memoir and a Truth and Reconciliation project, building on the life jolt Dorothy experienced on re-reading CPT’s 1852 children’s story Canadian Crusoes: A Tale of the Rice Lake Plains during the pandemic lockdown. Sixty-five years after last hearing her father read it aloud over several successive Sundays, Dorothy owns the “truth” of her unaware complicity in Canada’s colonization project. She exposes the colonizer messages in Canadian Crusoes—messages that support white supremacy and the Doctrine of Discovery, which must have been “read” into her very cells as a child.  Dorothy faces up to the contradictions that her revered “floral godmother” represents. Without missing a beat, CPT moves from racialized stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples as stupid, uneducable, dirty, bloodthirsty, and uninventive to her positive portrayals of the Mohawk maid Indiana whose Indigenous knowledge carries the three Settler Canadian Crusoes through three winters on the Rice Lake Plains.

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  • Singing to the Darkness cover

    Singing to the Darkness: Monologues and Meditations

    Patricia June Vickers, PhD presents a human story centered on the spiritual energy of respect as action that points toward wholeness.  Singing to the Darkness unfolds as a visual inquiry and integrative process, fulfilling her intention to help others to observe their authentic selves, especially all those who have been conditioned through colonization of Indigenous People. Patricia’s soul catcher stories and meditations complete with twenty of her Nature-inspired paintings are just right to carry on your person and through your day.

  • Songlines: A Novel

    Songlines: A Novel by John Graham-Pole.  A compelling reminder that—along the songlines of the cancer journey—when the patient is held at the centrepoint of care, and when professional and personal caregivers work as partners with profound skill and compassion, a beautiful story unfolds. Songlines is that story.  

  • The Ghost of Catharine Parr Traill

    The Ghost of Catharine Parr Traill follows Laura Elliott’s journey of discovery into the life and lessons of wellbeing from this nineteenth century pioneer, author and botanist. The journey began when Laura moved into Catharine’s final home, Westove, in Lakefield, Ontario in 2019.  The challenges of the global pandemic that faced Laura and her family in 2020 turned this into a passion project. What could our generation learn from Catharine’s grit, resilience and calm in the face of so many struggles? What do the encounters between indigenous peoples and settlers, as captured in Koren Smoke’s interpretive artwork, have to offer to the truth and reconciliation process? Laura draws the reader into this timeless ancestral inquiry into individual and societal wellbeing. Read More

  • This Will Happen To You

    This Will Happen To You

    With her new book, Linda E. Clarke—artist, health educator, and “a teller of tales for a good long time”—opens a personal window for us to the profound sensory experience of recovering from major brain surgery. Her narrative offers us an intimate portrait of a woman of resilience and sensitivity, of valour and spirit. The chapter titles alone—The Sea at Night, Deep Waters, Calm Water, Harbour—create a compelling odyssey of a child’s drowning in deep ocean to a hero’s surviving to safe haven.

  • To a Nurse Friend Weeping

    Dr. Francis Christian’s poetry offers breadth and diversity to the intimate connection between art and health that is core to HARP’s mission. Through his writing he enters profoundly into the bodies and minds and souls of suffering humanity, juxtaposing unconditional love with moments of telling irony. His longer poems recount stories of sensuality and beauty, evoking biblical and classical images, and exploring humanity’s very origins, wanderings, and often hidden purpose.