Turning a Big Negative into A Bigger Positive: Erin Richard’s Story

Erin Richard’s memoir of her cancer journey, Turning a Big Negative into a Bigger Positive, published by HARP The People’s Press, was launched at the Cape Breton Cancer Centre on Dec. 12, 2019.  Since the launch, Erin’s memoir has been moving up daily on the Amazon bestseller lists, ranking #9 in the Healing category and # 13 in the Oncology as of Dec. 19 2019.

As the video shows, her supportive community turned out in force – her parents and her husband (behind the video camera), her friends, her professional caregivers, and so many others that she has touched and inspired.  The line up to have Erin sign her book, wound out the door.  Erin sold 61 books and donated the proceeds to the Cancer Patient Care Fund.

Erin’s gift to publishers Dorothy Lander and John Graham-Pole is her original artwork of The Lonely Lady featured on p. 70 of her memoir

Erin signed her book for her medical oncologist, Dr Khodadad, who spoke so warmly and eloquently of Erin.

6 Replies to “Turning a Big Negative into A Bigger Positive: Erin Richard’s Story”

  1. Julie Macintosh

    The book launch was a great success and for such a good cause. This book tells Erin’s story and demonstrates how life and hope can continue. A great read!

  2. MJ MacPhail-Loughlin

    Erin has done a wonderful job sharing and documenting her journey. From day one you feel like you are walking with her through her experience. I know her book will be read and shared to so many people battling cancer and by those who love them. Thank you for sharing a very intimate part of your life and helping so many with your experience . Also by helping to bringing awareness to Triple negative breast cancer. Her book answers so many questions about what to expect. I loved watching Erin shine through her artwork. Her fighting for better benefits for EI cancer patients , fundraising for the cancer center, her willingness to do interviews and and now her writing. A must read for anyone who is touched by cancer.
    MJ MacPhail-Loughlin

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