HARP PublishingThe People’s Press is a multi-media publisher focusing on the healing arts and the arts for health equity. It is aimed at a popular readership of caregivers and care receivers, in both electronic and print media.

About Our Logo

The acronym, HARP, stands for Healing Arts, Reconciling People. Our name represents both art and cooperation amongst all communities for our greater personal and collective health. We were drawn from the start to the harp’s healing symbolism in creating a publisher with a particular stress on the healing power of art, especially through telling stories.

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The People’s Photo Album A Pictorial Genealogy of the Antigonish Movement

The People’s Photo Album is a tribute to the Extension Department of St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) on its 90th anniversary.  The People—individuals and families and organizations from the intergenerational community of the worldwide Antigonish Movement—opened up their  albums and scrapbooks and shared with us their collections from Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. The photos came with stories of struggle and triumph, charting the legacy of social justice.

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The People’s Photo Album

People's Photo Album book cover

Journeys with a Thousand Heroes

A medical memoir by John Graham-Pole, “Journeys with a Thousand Heroes: A Child Oncologist’s Story”, published by Wising Up Press in July, 2018.

“The book’s title borrows from Joseph Campbell’s concept of the hero’s journey—one that we must all undertake in our lives. But my writing doesn’t highlight any heroic journey of my own, but rather that the countless children I served over my forty-year career as a children’s cancer specialist—the heroism, resilience, and joyfulness of those “thousand heroes”, who were my teachers and my friends.”  John Graham-Pole

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Journeys With a Thousand Heroes

Blood Work – Novel

Written by a renowned children’s cancer specialist, John Graham-Pole, Blood Work is a fictional but true-to-life-account of just such a near-fatal illness. It is also a life-and-death adventure and a coming-of-age romance.

The story tells of sixteen-year-old Moraig (“Raig”) Brossard’s journey through the trauma of cancer and its treatment. It opens as Raig wakes up in a hospital room, utterly unaware of how she came to be there. Events of the past weeks unfold like a high-speed movie: how she’d lost her head to school football star, Hilton Sears, come close to losing her virginity, ended up in a downtown dance hall with a false ID, drunk several Margaritas, blacked out and had to be ambulanced to the local Emergency Room, close to death from blood poisoning from an infected belly stud.   <Read More>